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What are the Spooky Pets?

Spooky Pets are 10,000 adoptable, generative pets living on the Cronos blockchain. Each Spooky Pet was created from over 100 unique traits and has its own style and story. Each Spooky Pet purchase will contribute to the Spooky Pets rescue blog, where we will feature a different animal or animal-related charitable organization weekly. Along with each blog share, we will donate $1000 to the featured animal or organization. Spooky Pet owners will be able to pitch and vote on weekly stories and will receive a weekly newsletter with new blog posts, potential featured animals and updates on all of the previous features. In addition to our Philanthropic efforts, the Spooky Pets are being developed for an animated series. All Spooky Pet owners will have access to the development process and can help steer the pitch. If the series goes to production, additional perks and rewards will be available! 

How can I buy a Spooky Pet?

The Spooky Pets drop is available exclusively on In order to purchase a Spooky Pet on aDROPtion day (July 29, 2022, 9AM ET), you need to create a account. 

Once you've signed up, you can then navigate to the Spooky Pets drop gate through the drops section of

Once you’re in you’ll see a countdown to the drop. Once that countdown is completed, refresh your page and you’ll be able to scroll down to purchase your spooky pets pack that will include a random Spooky pet.

Once you have the pack, you can navigate to the “packs” tab on your profile to reveal your NFT, and from there you are free to hold the NFT or sell it on the secondary marketplace.

As for payment methods, allows debit and credit cards to be used. For the more crypto serious users, you can also pay with over 20+ different cryptocurrencies through Pay.

Is each Spooky Pet unique?

Each Spooky Pet is entirely unique, generated from a pool of over 100 traits with millions of potential uniques. We will be calculating final rarities and publishing the Spooky Pets rarity table shortly after the drop. 

How will Spooky Pets benefit animal charities?

-Spooky Pets (Brovember Rain) is committing 10% of gross initial collection revenue to adoptable/needy animals and 501(c)(3) animal rescue organizations. We will be adding these funds to a treasury to be deployed as follows: 


-Once a week we will feature a new animal or organization on our blog and in our newsletter. We will give $1000 to the weekly featured org or featured animal each week (likely via their standard donation page or method). 


-The unlock for philanthropic efforts is 25% sold ($125,000 gross) and will continue until funds in the treasury are depleted. In the case of a complete sellout, we will commit to 52 weeks of posts and donations from the revenue of this drop ($52,000 total).


-The selection process for weekly features will be based on a combination of editorial and community (NFT-holder) polling. We will, to the best of our ability, choose reputable orgs and causes.

-Should a meaningful secondary market emerge for Spooky Pets, we reserve the right to increase philanthropic efforts beyond the baseline detailed above.

Additional Questions?

If you have additional questions, please feel free to email us at: or join us in Discord


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